Keep a Diary

Join the USLA Environmental Committee’s angler diary program and help monitor trends in Upper Saranac Lake’s fishery! Its free, and its fun. Several anglers have made the commitment to keep diaries since 2016. Some have attended a training session to learn about diary-keeping. Ideally, we’d like to have at least 20 cooperators. If you fish the lake in the summer or winter, please sign up!

Every angler cooperator is given a booklet for recording information from each of their fishing trips. They keep a record of what species they are targeting, how long they fished, how many and what kind of fish they caught (including whether they were kept or released), and the size of the fish caught.

At the end of the fishing season, anglers return the booklets to the USLA Environmental Committee. We’ll calculate catch rates and establish length-frequency distributions for important fish species caught and recorded by angler cooperators. A report will be prepared for the cooperators, NYSDEC, the Upper Saranac Foundation and the USLA.

To join, or if you have questions, please Email Larry Nashett.

Good Fishing! 

2018 Angler Diary

Lake Contour Map

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