High-speed COVID-19 test lab unveiled

November 07, 2020

By Adirondack Daily Enterprise

SARANAC LAKE - Two local public health institutions have teamed up to launch a new high-speed COVID-19 testing lab, as reported in the Adirodack Daily Enterprise

The lab, located at Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake, opened this past Friday. It's a collaboration between biomedical research facility Trudeau Institute and Adirondack Health, which operates the local hospital. 

This lab is the first of its kind in this region. The creation of this new lab - which currently has the capacity to process anywhere from 80 to 160 tests per day - means faster turnaround times for COVID test results. 

Generally, tests take around two or three days to come back. In some cases, when labs outside of the area were overwhelmed, results took upward of 10 days to come back. With this in-house lab, tests can be processed in 24 hours, according to Adirondack Health spokesman Matt Scollin. 

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