USLA input on Santa Clara Moratorium

February 25, 2021

Members of the USLA Government Affairs Committee have been providing input at the public sessions of the Town Board of Santa Clara regarding their proposed Moratorium Law. The law establishes time to review the land use codes for commercial properties.  The first meeting of the TSC Special Committee to develop the land use codes occurred recently. USLA’s Vice President attended the meeting and stated “Please think of USLA as a partner during this project and not as the general public. We would like to participate and assist if you feel that is appropriate. We would be happy to be engaged in the planning discussions”.
The TSC Special Committee will first address codes that apply to marinas to expedite the review of the building permit and variance request from the new owners of Hickok’s.  Their initial variance request is seeking to extend three docks, each to 235’ long x 50’ wide, into Fish Creek Pond. The committee discussion identified areas that need to be considered including: DEC, APA and TSC jurisdiction, right sizing, responsible use, navigation, sewage, traffic and parking. The TSC committee also wants to make sure the public is fully aware of the discussions and progress throughout this process.
The Adirondack Explorer was present at the Town Board meetings and released the following article: 

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