National Grid Power Spike on Nov 30, 2022

January 20, 2023

National Grid Power Spike on November 30, 2022
During a winter storm, National Grid lost power distribution to the Upper Saranac Lake and Lake Clear areas. While that fact is not unusual during a storm, what is unusual is when they turned the power back on, there was a huge power spike causing all kinds of damage to houses in the area.
We have heard there are over 100 homes with damaged at some level and you unknowingly may be one of them. Damage included fried electric meters, burned out pumps and other motors and ruined appliances, etc.
If you are a summer resident, we highly recommend you check your house or have your caretaker check your house electrical system for damage. It will be too late to make a claim if you wait until your arrival in June.
If you have damage related to an electrical spike from National Grid on the date above, use this link to National Grid Customer Claims Form:
Please contact National Grid customer relations if you have any questions: 1-800-642-4272.

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